The tests adopted by FitnessAge are the industry standard battery of tests that are also used by the American College of Sports Medicine and the YMCA, the two leading authorities on exercise physiology.


The patented (patent # 6,010,452) assignment of a comparative age to the various fitness performance outcomes (ie. assigning a FitnessAge) was subjected to the most rigorous review by several leading experts. We are pleased to say that FitnessAge received full accreditation from these experts, who additionally commented as follows:


"FitnessAge is first to create a system of measurement that can be instantly understood by anyone and therefore a clear choice to become the new standard in fitness measurement."

Robert O. Voy, M.D.

Former Chief Medical Officer and Director of Sports Medicine and Science for the US Olympic Committee


"In my 43 years as a professional in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology, we have not had such a significant breakthrough in redefining the way most people think about their fitness. FitnessAge is truly a revolutionary approach."

Lawrence A Golding, Ph.D.

Senior Director of the American College of Sports Medicine, Editor in Chief of the ACSM Health & Fitness Journal and author of the YMCA Exercise Testing Manual.


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