Corporate Wellness

Wellness in the workplace is a concept we hear a lot about and it is well known (and proven) that companies save approximately $3.00 in health care costs for every $1.00 spent on health promotion.

However, instead of plain and boring "wellness", why not implement an exciting "Peak Performance" program that doesn't just stop at health awareness, rather, motivates and empowers employees to perform at their best.

Based on the FitnessAge assessment, we have developed a program to help businesses of any size better understand their wellness risks and take proven steps to achieve peak performance from employees (in addition to reducing employee down time and health care costs). 

FitnessAge offers the most reliable and effective manner for corporations to manage their health care risk and getter better employee performance.  Graduates of the FitnessAge Peak Performance Program include leading Fortune 500 companies like Coors Brewing, Deloitte Consulting, Intel and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

At the completion of the program, management receives a powerful Executive Report providing a clear view of the company's health risks, strengths and progress.


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Corporate Wellness