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People come to you because they want to change their bodies or improve their health and fitness. You have all the knowledge required for this and have the set up and the programs to get the job done. So what can you do to make your service even better?


Personal Trainers that use FitnessAge are using the most powerful tool in the industry to keep clients focused on achieving their fitness goals. The emotional impact of FitnessAge is undeniable. In just 20 minutes, your clients will fully understand where they are at and will have a new sense of purpose and be even more driven to achieve their goals. FitnessAge makes a loud statement and your clients can't help but be motivated to get their FitnessAge down.


Helping Retain Clients

Participation in a FitnessAge test every few months provides clients with much-needed milestones. They'll want to lower their FitnessAge, and pursue, with greater purpose and focus, a program to eliminate their weaknesses, and maintain or improve their strengths. Clients receive tangible results for their efforts, look forward to their next test, and feel FitnessAge adds value to their personal training program.


Attracting New Clients

FitnessAge is one of the best ways to entice new clients. It provides them with a new, fun, and easy way to understand their current fitness levels. By providing prospective and first time clients a FitnessAge assessment, you have the tool to get them commit to using your services.


Increasing Revenue

Because FitnessAge is a specialist assessment, you may choose to charge an extra amount on top of your personal training fee for conducting the FitnessAge assessment. Itís your choice. You may choose not to charge extra and just use FitnessAge as a tool to keep clients and maximize the sessions purchased by each client.


Generating Corporate Account Sales

FitnessAge is your "foot in the door" with local corporations. Corporate business is the largest growing segment of the fitness industry and FitnessAge offers the most reliable and effective manner for corporate clients to assess employees physical fitness levels. Corporations recognize the benefits of a healthy workforce and now have a concrete way to measure their return on fitness investment.

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