How many times have you told a patient that they need to loose weight and start exercising to prevent serious illness and yet they do next to nothing?

With this increasing trend toward preventative care, FitnessAge is the tool the physician needs to get the message through to the patient about the need to change their lifestyle habits.

In addition, the physician uses the FitnessAge profile to alert him/her of the existence of a potentially serious medical condition. In fact, there have been numerous situations where the FitnessAge assessment has alerted the physician to serious cardiac problems which are then confirmed by additional testing. Without the FitnessAge assessment providing this initial warning which resulted in immediate medical testing and treatment, some patients would certainly have found out the hard way.

The FitnessAge assessment is billable under CPT Code 97750 (Physical Testing and Measurement) and therefore also offers an additional income stream for the physician. The average patient charge for the assessment is $50.

It's a win win situation for doctor and patient.

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