Many government entities such as defense and law enforcement departments and agencies require mandatory fitness testing to keep their people in good enough shape to do their jobs. Other government groups in education or justice, for example, like to offer fitness testing as part of the wellness program they offer. Either way, FitnessAge offers the worlds most time efficient and cost effective solution.


By way of example, FitnessAge completed fitness testing for the United States Air National Guard at several bases where hundreds were tested. By meeting all DOD requirements, causing minimal down time (2 hours per base), causing no injuries, providing real time online pass/fail grading and command reporting and costing very little all made FitnessAge the most successful fitness test in ANG history.

Once the assessment is performed (usually in a group taking less than 1 hour for up to 200 people), the data is entered and in less than 24 hours, commanders can access a powerful Executive Report online highlighting health strengths and risks for any date range or group specified.


See sample Executive Report


If you are a government group seeking a professional grade yet highly fun and motivational fitness test, please contact us to see what we might be able to do for you.

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